Email @ nkm1

nkm1 is a private and independent web service for personal and alternative email addresses. Under this service I can set up for myself and others general and specific email addresses for different purposes.

Email for NK Moller

I have a number of active personal email addresses for various purposes and contacts. It gives me a better overview when emails arrive in different designated inboxes and folders. Then if I want to leave a mailing list or one of my addresses is misused by spammers I can replace that particular address without having to change my address in every other context as well.

I do read all incoming mail except spam.

Email for Others

nkm1 also offers email addresses to invited members. These addresses can be forwarding addresses ("alias") just passing mail on to your current address or we can set up a new account with it's own username and password.

Other services

Previous webpages and FTP services under are terminated.